At Pace 2000, we are proud that most of our clients come through referrals and personal relationships. We know that our reputation and our future depend on the satisfaction of each of our homeowners. We can tell you that we believe in building homes as if each one is our own, or that we work with each client to ensure that they are a partner in the process, but we think our homeowners say it best:

[testimonials heading=”Testimonials” auto_scroll=”no”][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Gary & Chris Robinson” author_title=””]Pace 2000 and the Nadalin family were recommended to us by a coworker after we had a false start and an unpleasant experience with another builder. The Pace 2000 Team worked closely with us to take our ideas and incorporate them into one of their existing designs to create our home. Andy Nadalin and the construction staff kept us updated throughout the project; working with us to make sure what they were delivering was what we wanted. When all was said and done, we have a beautiful home that is well-built by people who cared throughout the process. They stood behind their commitments and their work. We would recommend Pace 2000 as a builder to anyone who wants not just a house, but a home.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Carl and Judy Michalski” author_title=””]Hi Andy – This note is much overdue, but Judy and I wanted to let you know that you have very, very satisfied homeowners. First, friends warned us that building a house would be one of the most stressful events that we would ever have in our married life. Building our home with Pace 2000 was in fact, one of the most pleasant experiences that we have ever had. You and all your staff listened to us, did what had to be done and left us with the feeling that we were dealing with friends – professional friends, who wanted to make sure that everything in the creation of our retirement home would be exactly what WE wanted, done the way WE wanted. People who walk into our home, look around and always ask, “Who built this house?” and then proceed to comment on the design and quality that we have. The best comment that we have heard came from a realtor who was showing the house across the street from ours, who asked the question (who built this house?) And when we said Pace 2000, responded that “Oh, this is one of those last forever houses.” I don’t think that there can be any better testimonial to the kind of home that you build than that statement from a professional who sees and evaluates houses all over the Treasure Coast. Thank you for being a big part of us coming to know that our relocation from New York State to Port St. Lucie was one of the best moves that we have made in our married life.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Keith Angelotti” author_title=””]I contacted Pace 2000 roughly 5 years ago about building my home. After speaking with such skilled and confident workers I chose to use them as my home builder. The workers were very efficient and dedicated to making sure their job was done right. It’s not often that you get to see the actual owner of the company getting his hands dirty as well as the workers. The on-the-spot supervision is another reason why I would choose Pace 2000 for my future home building. I am very pleased with the job and the staff and don’t think I could’ve received a better home or customer service with another company. I would highly recommend Pace 2000 to any person looking to start their home building experience.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Danny and Sharon Muzzin” author_title=””]We would like to add our kudos to Pace 2000 for building our house. After looking at several models, we asked Andy Nadalin if Pace 2000 had a model similar to our sketch. He said, “Absolutely. That is my Essex design. Give me a minute”. He left and returned with the plans that were almost identical to our sketch. Pace 2000 had not built the Essex 3-2-2 model in a few years. Since there was no house to actually see we set to work. Needless to say Pace 2000 built our house. The Pace 2000 Team did a great job guiding us through the whole process. The only change we made was to widen the driveway. We have a beautiful house and after all of these years, friends and family are still continually complementing us on the design and workmanship of our home. Great job! Thanks again to Pace 2000.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Dr. Pat & Carolynn Kelly and family” author_title=””]My name is Pat Kelly. I am a veterinarian in Port St. Lucie and my wife Carolynn and I contracted with Pace 2000 to build our dream home on 23.5 acres. We could not be more pleased. Andy and the staff were extremely helpful and went above and beyond to meet our particular needs. Andy even personally prepared the pad for our horse barn. He didn’t’t need to do that, but he knew we needed it done and he saw to it that it was taken care of. Pace 2000 was very professional and the house was built in a very timely fashion. The quality of the workmanship was second to none. We have withstood three direct hits from hurricanes since the house was built and we didn’t’t even lose a shingle from the roof. The Pace 2000 organization, after 5 years, is quick to help whenever we have a question regarding anything about our home. Carolynn and I would not hesitate for one instant to highly recommend Pace 2000. It was a very positive experience for our entire family.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Anthony and Geri Perla” author_title=””]Andy: We want to thank you for the exceptional job you did building our custom home in Port St. Lucie. The entire process was very professional from start to finish. Your attention to detail and your job site supervision was second to none. Our new home is everything you said it would be and much more! Thanks again for a great building experience and we look forward to future projects with your company.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Roger & Donna Dunshee” author_title=””]We are very pleased with our experience with Pace 2000. Our quality 6,000 square foot home was on time, on budget and without warranty issues. We would definitely use Pace 2000 again and have recommended them to our friends.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Brenda Kobacker and Michael DiVenuto” author_title=””]When is an addition not an addition? When Pace 2000 builds it. Living in a Pace 2000 house for a number of years, we decided to have a large family/entertainment room added to our home. We approached Andy and discussed our plan. The finished product blends so well with the existing house, just as if it was part of the original construction. The roof lines, walls, insulation and electric are all perfect. The design of our house fits our needs. When we have company over, their accommodation on the other side of the house allows privacy for all. The bathroom off the lanai is perfect for the grandchildren or anyone who uses the pool. This year all our friends had to turn on the heat. Our insulation is so good our air conditioning hardly runs. The house construction is as good as the workmanship, perfect. My husband was in the construction line and to please him is difficult. He is so pleased with Pace 2000 and the work Andy and his team did.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Nancy & Craig Wilks” author_title=””]We love our PACE 2000 home! After touring many new home models, as soon as my husband and I saw the PACE 2000 model we knew it was exactly what we wanted. Although many of the home builders we spoke to stated that they made “custom” homes, none were willing to make the special structural changes our family needed. However, PACE 2000 was not only willing and able to truly customize our home for the special needs we have, but was also excited to help us achieve our goals. The building process went smoothly from start to finish and the quality of construction was appreciated. The team at Pace 2000 was an invaluable source of encouragement and advice for even the smallest details, and we always felt that we could trust them with the important decisions we made. Now, three years later, we can still very proudly say that “We love our Pace 2000 Home![/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Greg & Linda B” author_title=””]When we decided to build an addition on our home, the decision was easy, Pace 2000. While most contractors would not take the time to build anything less than a WHOLE HOUSE, Pace 2000, offered many great ideas, combining cabinetry and lighting to make our home office a perfect fit. We love the quality workmanship and the timely fashion it was completed, and most of all their personal attention. When the hurricanes completely destroyed our business in 2004, once again we turned to Pace 2000. They had us back in business quickly and efficiently.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Kenneth George” author_title=””]In the spring, we began looking for a home on the Treasure Coast. We found several homes for sale that we really liked; however we did not like their location. The homes we liked did have one thing in common — they were built by Pace 2000. Finally we called Pace 2000 and discussed having them build our home. We were very impressed with their proposals, eventually bought land, and had Pace 2000 build our new home. Construction started and we flew to Florida every few weeks to watch the building progress. It was finished ahead of schedule; we did a review with Andrew Nadalin and found everything was perfect. We moved in and spent our first Christmas in Florida. Today we are still living in our dream home.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Gail and Jack Downy” author_title=””]Fifteen years ago we went looking for a builder for our new home in Florida. We came upon Pace 2000. Their models were exceptional and we found the home we wanted them to build. Pace 2000 made some changes for us and we signed the contract and went back to New York. Our home was built while we were in New York and when we arrived 8 months later, our home was just perfect. As a builder, Pace 2000 is just the greatest. They have pride in workmanship and you get exactly what you ask for. No hidden costs, no “I’m sorry, we couldn’t do that”! Again, we are so proud to have a Pace home.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Geraldine and Robert Barbarello” author_title=””]We began our relationship almost 15 years ago when looking for the ideal builder in Port St. Lucie. We visited and met with several builders but once we met with Pace 2000 we knew we had found the builder that could deliver exactly the home we wanted both in quality and service. It was obvious that Pace 2000 listens to its clients and makes their request and dreams that they want in a new home a reality. The staff and contractors are considerate and professional and display a true desire to complete their part of the total build on time and to a level of quality that is expected and appreciated. Having built a custom home in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we know what a professional builder can accomplish and Pace 2000 equaled and in some areas surpassed our PA home. We have always been complimented on our home’s design and quality when friends and family visit. The willingness of Andy Nadalin to work with us in making changes to the original design proved that he is a complete professional builder that wants to satisfy every client’s ideas and requests. The real test is that our home has withstood 3 hurricanes with no damage incurred. We believe this is truly the acid test of the quality of a Pace 2000 home, and that after almost 15 years we continue to enjoy the wonderful home Pace 2000 built for us.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Charles Salvatori” author_title=””]As the owner of a small two-story house that was built in 1920, situated on two small adjacent lots, I decided to demolish the house, combine the lots and build a larger home for my family. I needed a contractor that could take charge in my entire absence to handle all issues from demolition, abandoning easements, designing, permitting, to completion of my 5,096 sq. ft. home in a timely manner. Having hired Pace 2000 as my builder became our perfect choice. Not only was the house built ahead of our expected time period, but it reflects professionalism, quality and excellent workmanship. In my absence, the owner of Pace 2000 kept me informed throughout the construction, allowing me to visualize each step of the way. This truly was comforting to us. When we received the final call to say they were in possession of the occupancy certificate, but needing a few days to complete some small items, we were delighted. This meant that we were going to occupy just in time for Christmas. During the festive season when we celebrated with families and friends, we were very proud of the many compliments received. This reflected the pride the builder took in the construction of our home. That was our true gift. I would recommend Pace 2000 to anyone seeking an excellent well-constructed house. In fact my sister had an addition built by Pace 2000 shortly after. Thank you Pace 2000 for our beautiful house.[/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Elizabeth Salvatori” author_title=””]My name is Elizabeth Salvatori, the owner of a small house that was built in the year 1920. My unique historical home is my pride and joy and is located a couple of doors away from my brother Charles, who recently had a new home built by Pace 2000. I had been contemplating putting an addition onto my house, in the form of an entertainment/lounge area and as I watched Charles’s house being built, I could see the quality in the construction and professionalism of the crews. I spoke with the builder, Mr. Andrew Nadalin, and I found myself very comfortable, in talking with this very pleasant, professional man. So I asked Andrew to meet with me and discuss my ideas. I was open to suggestions, as I was very concerned about keeping the same 1920s architectural appeal. I didn’t’t want it to look like an ADD-ON. He memorized the information, reassuring me he could do it and within the next week, he was there with a draftsman and surveyor taking measurements. When Andrew presented me with his drawing I made minor changes for items I wanted to add, and pretty soon workers were underway. Andrew went out of his way to find materials that would not only match on the outside, but on the inside as well. We were always notified when the workers would be on site, enabling us to plan our days around the working crews. I now have my unique architecturally designed addition that faces out to the gardens and bird sanctuary that we enjoy every day. It was a pleasant experience working with Pace 2000. Thank you, Andrew.[/testimonial][/testimonials]

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