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Our Heritage: Four Generations of Master Italian Craftsman

It’s a philosophy as simple as it is sincere: “Build each home as if it were your own.”

Luigi Nadalin started building fine homes in the Venetian region of Italy at the turn of the century. Through determination, dedication and hard work, he built a reputation for providing quality, well-built homes by adhering to this simple pledge.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Vittorio Nadalin kept the family tradition alive with every home he built. Grandson Angelo Nadalin brought that same integrity and quality workmanship to North America.

Today, the legacy continues with great-grandson, Andrew Nadalin, President and owner of Pace 2000; as he brings a fourth generation of Italian master craftsmanship and design expertise to the South Florida homebuilding and construction industry.

Our Expertise: Andrew Nadalin Leads the Team that Builds Your Dream 

Andrew Nadalin not only has the DNA of master builder’s in his blood, he was raised doing a variety of jobs on his father’s building sites and learned the skills from the ground up. He was taught that in order to manage a building project expertly you first needed: a) To know how to do every job on that site yourself, and b) Your staff needed to know that you could do all of these jobs yourself.

Raised and educated in Martin County, Andrew studied Construction Technology at Indian River State College and in 2001, at the age of 23, he became a state certified building contractor. In 2010 he also earned his certification as a Florida licensed realtor and in 2011 he became a state certified roofing contractor. He is a member of the Treasure Coast Builders Association (T.C.B.A) and has been President of Pace 2000 since 2001.

This crucial knowledge of all creative and technical aspects of the construction industry means that Andrew Nadalin expects and demands uncompromising quality from his team and from any tradesperson who works on a project, ensuring that you receive only the finest results for your home.

Our Promise: Superior materials and service, personally overseen by our President

Pace 2000 offers an unparalleled selection of standard construction features, not offered by other builders. Then we fulfill our philosophy by customizing our designs to meet your needs, ensuring that each home is as unique as the homeowner. From top-of-the-line construction materials to superior customer service, each Pace 2000 home is under the personal supervision of the President. At Pace 2000, we deliver beautifully constructed homes, designed to meet your lifestyle needs and desires.

As a full-service custom home builder, we provide an extensive network of qualified real estate and building consultants, professional interior design color experts and specialized architects and engineers, to afford you the peace of mind that comes from a home that has been built to last and designed for life.

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